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The Study of Wumbology

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Have you thought about joinning an eve corp?

Eve online, join eve. Screw wanting the garden of eden. Try New Eden today!

Why not wumbo

Join the best, join wumbo. We helped squash bees.

Newbro? (1-3 month or >7M SP)

We have all the apples of knowledge for new eden. We help minimize the learning curve and make it fun!

Oldbro? (1 year or +10M SP)

We help you do what you are intrested in. If that is PvP, PvE, WH, Industry, Mining, etc...

The only thing we ask is to join our SRP fleets and have some good lulz.

You might ask "I have been play a long time, but I don't know/remeber all of the weird stuff of eve. Will I be laught at?". Nope, eve is fun because it is complex and we work togeather figuring it out.

Was your corp too serious? did it feel like work? Why not Wumbo

When we roam we roam for the lulz

Join it is easy, sub or re-sub. Then leave your corp. Join "The Study of Wumbology"

We will light off a firework just for you.